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Euonymus Fire Ball

Euonymus Fire Ball

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Outstanding bright red fall foliage. May be pruned in late winter. Hardier than other varieties. Adaptable. Excellent for landscaping.


Plant Type: 
Shrub Type: 
Height Category: 
Garden Height: 
60 - 84 Inches
60 - 96 Inches
60 - 84 Inches


Light Requirement: 
Maintenance Category: 
Bloom Time: 
Grown for Foliage
Hardiness Zones: 
4a, 4b, 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b
Water Category: 
Drought Tolerant


Maintenance Notes: 

There are few problems with this shrub. It is low maintenance, has nice bark, and isn't prone to pest problems. However, to maximize the fall red foliage color, the plants should be placed in full sun. Plants placed in areas with too much shade will color up much later in the fall and will often lose their leaves before they have a chance to turn bright red. Tolerant of most soils except extremely wet conditions. pH adaptable. Prefers medium moisture. Deciduous shrub. Fertilize in early spring by applying a slow release fertilizer specialized for trees and shrubs. Follow the label recommended rate of application. Fertilizer will prime the plant to have a good growth flush in spring to its maximum potential. Withstands heavy pruning. Can be done whenever, but best done in late fall.

An improved selection of compact burning bush with tighter branching and superior hardiness. Burning bush derives its common name from its bright red fall foliage color. Other varieties of burning bush may experience die-back during harsh winters; Fire Ball has had no winter damage even in the coldest of midwestern winters. Plant it among spring and summer flowering shrubs for a jolt of color in the fall. The slightly more compact habit makes it a better fit in the landscape than other varieties, which may reach up to 10 feet in height. Fire Ball will only get about 7 feet tall.

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