Plan ahead and save money. We do not offer in-store shopping. Our minimum order quantity is 10 plants per order. Our discounts are based on volume. 

We believe that great landscaping comes from a well executed plan and we are here to ensure that when it’s time to plant you have all of the materials in place. Sorry, this is not an impulse purchase plant shop!

Whether you know exactly what plants you need or need it some advice, our full service grown to order nursery has you covered! 

Typically you choose from our catalog you place your order, you'll receive a confirmation with delivery date by email.

If we don’t have what you need in our catalog we will source seed, plugs, bare-roots or hunt for cuttings and grow the plants you need.

Step one: you send us your list and desired delivery date.

Step two: we send you a quote

Step three: we receive 50% deposit

 Step four: once paid in full we deliver or a pickup is scheduled. If for any reason you are not ready for the plants we will continue to care for them a daily rate based on greenhouse square footage .